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The UMMA Jesus Bus just made a road trip to Maryland
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The UMMA was featured in a two page article in Tidings, 
the publication of Asbury Methodist Church. 
They did a great job. Thanks, Asbury!
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Riding With a Purpose
By the United Methodist Motorcycle Association

A little over a year ago, Eddie and Pattie Gill, along with a few friends and God providing the way, formed the UMMA. The association has grown throughout Oklahoma and has members from different churches and riding different bikes. The common thread is God, bikes, ministry, reaching others and being among those with common interest.

The group meets frequently for Toy Runs, Bike Rides, leadership meetings and for the annual "Fire on the Water" retreat the weekend after Mother's day at Fin and Feather Resort on Lake Tenkiller. More than 250 riders from all over a four-state region come together to worship, hear testimonies from the likes of Brian, "The Boz" Bosworth as well as presentation from our very own Bishop Robert Hayes, known to UMMA members as, "The Bish." At the recent Oklahoma United Methodist Annual Conference, Bishop Hayes said of the UMMA, "This is a new ministry that has insight for people living on the edge and is bringing them to Christ." Bishop Hayes was presented with his own riding leather vest at the 2004 Fire on the Water retreat.

Asbury embraces riders with their own dedicated bike parking on the southeast corner of the church. Riders are accepted in full riding gear. Whether in full leathers, golf attire, casual and the occasional and rare suit, everyone is made to feel welcome.

Francis Asbury, the namesake of our church, was one of the first two bishops of the Methodist Church in the United States. He covered the U.S. on horseback or in carriages while traveling thousands of miles to reach people and spread the Word. Asbury spread Methodism in America as part of the Second Great Awakening, and there are times UMMA riders feel like him as they ride and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

There is a great feeling of freedom while riding. At times we get to take in and experience all God has created in nature. Unlike riding in vehicles, we get to see God's creations with a different and greater perspective. Our senses are heightened and used: sight, sound, feel, smell and occasionally taste, when that erreant bug finds it's way into our teeth! We feel blessed to be his children who ride.

Come join us, see what you think and let's enjoy the road together.Whether you ride a Harley, Honda, BMW, a trike or a Spyder, you are welcome at UMMA and Asbury. We all ride with a positive intent and give those looking for something better the opportunity to ride with a purpose.

You do not need to be a member of Asbury, a Methodist, or a member of any church to join. We are friends with the priesthood, CMA and other Christian riding groups. We have the desire to ride for Christ with other Christians and help share the word. Come join us to see God's work in action!

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